Your water is unique just like your business. Water touches every aspect of the guest experience. Off tastes and odors impact that experience and everything that uses water as an ingredient.

Kinetico’s products are designed to address these concerns and protect your brand by improving the most important ingredient within your beverages and ice. Water.

Our water filtration options solve water problems without creating new ones.

HYDRUS® Series Water Filtration Systems

These filters serve large commercial, industrial and municipal applications well, whether used alone or integrated with an overall engineered solution. At the heart of a Hydrus installation is the Hydrus valve, a hydraulically operated valve with true 2.0” input and output connections. Hydrus’ Smart Start controller makes integration with Hydrus softeners easy and gives you greater control of your system.

CP Series Commercial Water Filtration

CP Series filters are customizable and capable of providing fairly large quantities of constant, filtered water. CP Series Water Filtration Systems are often used to provide sediment or chlorine protection to several commercial equipment like ice makers or drinking water stations, or as a pre-treatment to a large reverse osmosis system, like Kinetico’s TL Series.

Dechlorination System

Kinetico's commercial Dechlorination System enhances drinking water, beverages and ice cubes by removing chlorine from the water. Without chlorine in the water, beverages, recipes, ice cubes and drinking water have a more pure, refreshing taste.


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